This mighty morphin' power drone can transform in mid-air

It has 3 different configurations

Transcript: Mighty morphin' power drone. This might be the craziest drone ever developed. The transforming drone is a prototype from the University of Zurich. It's designed to fold in order to navigate through narrow and unique passageways. The foldable drone doesn't use GPS, 3Dmapping or radio-beacons. Instead, it uses 2 cameras and an onboard computer with sensors. The drone's frame has 4 independent arms that fold around the main unit. It's operated autonomously or by a wireless controller. The drone can morph into 3 different shapes. H Morphology narrows the body of the drone for small passageways. O Morphology folds the propellers close to the body for vertical entrance. T Morphology allows the drone to get closer to surfaces and surroundings. No word yet on if the drone will go into production.

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