Busch Beer turned a NASCAR Ford into beer cans

A NASCAR car is good for 40 cans, at least

Using recyclable materials in cars is something that automakers have experimented with for quite some time, resulting in things like seats and panels made out of recycled PET bottles. But if you turn the tables the other way, can you recycle a car into ... a beer can?

Busch can, and it took them a NASCAR car to churn out some cans to celebrate its 40-year presence at the Daytona 500. Using the panels from Kevin Harvick's #4 NASCAR Ford, Busch Beer was able to create 40 collector cans, still preserving the vinyl covering the metal panels when the cans were pressed into form, meaning each can has a slightly different look to it depending which part of the car donated itself. But roughly half of the car's outside is carbon fiber, which takes different tools to form: those panels were shredded and reformed to make up the bottom halves of the cans. The cans (and the beer) won't be sold in stores, but they can be won by taking part in a trivia contest while watching the Daytona 500 broadcast on February 17th.

All of the numbered cans come signed by Kevin Harvick, and the first one was already auctioned on the Car2Can event website for $3,315. The funds, matched by Busch, will go to Keep America Beautiful so that less-limited edition beverage cans can be swept off America's roadsides.

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