Ford's smart bed keeps unruly sleepers in their lane

Can lane keeping assist ensure a good night's sleep?

A significant number of us suffer from diminishing bed space due to a partner hogging all the available bed width. Either that or we're the ones forcing our significant others to the side of the bed without realizing it. Short from sleeping in separate beds or crafting makeshift pillow barriers, there haven't been that many effective remedies to the question — until now, thanks to Ford.

Out of all available technical breakthroughs, it's lane keeping assist that will help regain peace in the bedroom. But Ford's experimental bed doesn't beep and shudder like a lane-keeping car. Instead, the pressure-sensing mattress works like a conveyor belt, rolling to create more available space from the sides. Apart from making us wonder how changing the sheets works, and whether the smart bed works silently enough not to awaken sleepers, the system seems ingenious. And a good night's sleep makes it safer to drive in the daytime, a factor that Ford must have considered.

Like other recent sleep-related "off-road" inventions by Ford, the Lane-Keeping Bed is an experimental one-off, making it unlikely to appear in your nearest furniture store any time soon. But as motorized beds have been with us for quite a while, this invention doesn't seem completely otherworldly.

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