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Ford smart crib rocks babies to sleep using car sounds, streetlights

Can't get the baby to sleep? Ford's concept cot is an interesting solution

It's not the easiest thing in the world to get an infant to fall asleep. Some new parents have found that a short car ride - OK, sometimes it requires a long car ride - seems to help the baby doze off, as the hum and motion of the car and the soft lights of the city at night are soothing and calming.

All the while, however, there's a parent behind the wheel who maybe shouldn't be on the road, desperate for a moment's sleep themselves.

Ford of Spain, together with Spanish design studio Espada y Santa Cruz, has produced a cot that simulates the sounds, lights and motion of a car drive, all controllable with a smartphone app. This means the comforting ride to the Land of Nod would take place safely in the family's own home, with the cot, rather than the family car, doing the rocking. The parents can even custom-match the cot's sounds by replicating the sounds of their own car via the app.

Right now, the cot, dubbed Max Motor Dreams, is a one-off concept. However, Ford has received so many inquiries – presumably from sleep-deprived parents – that it might make it to full-scale production. Here's hoping. And dreaming.

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