Volvo's Longest Drive game took nearly 10 hours to pass

Winner stared at their phone for 9 hours, 47 minutes, during the Super Bowl

No matter how much you like Volvos, it takes dedication to win one by staring at a smartphone screen for hours. But that's what it took to win keys to a new S60 sedan in Volvo's The Longest Drive smartphone game, and the winning player managed an incredible nine hours, 47 minutes and 42 seconds fixated on the facial recognition software.

The eye-control game kept the player looking at their mobile device, which could suss out if their attention and gaze wandered away, resetting the clock. To make sure there were big enough stakes, the mobile game went live during Super Bowl 53 – and the Volvo-winning play was far longer than the second and third places, which both passed the 7.5-hour mark. Volvo said the game logged 40,000 "virtual test drives" while it was live.

The winner, as well as the two runner-ups, get two-year subscriptions to the Care by Volvo program, which gives them new S60s built to individual taste. The deal also includes maintenance and insurance, so it's completely turn-key. But surely after staring at Volvos intensely for the best part of a day, it would take a while for one to feel like driving one, wouldn't it?

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