Bugatti Veyron used wheels and tires for sale on eBay for $100,000

What a bargain for new Bugatti shoes

Here's the perfect gift for your Bugatti Veyron-owning friend: a lightly used set of wheels and tires. What's the eBay "Buy it Now" price? Only $100,000. A steal, surely.

The seller claims 85 percent of the tires' life remains. As Bugatti recommends you change your tires every 2,500 miles, this means you'll have approximately 2,125 miles of motoring left. If you're reasonably thinking $100,000 might be better spent elsewhere, then you might not be cut out for Veyron ownership anyway. Annual servicing runs in the tens of thousands of dollars. Even an oil change will set you back $21,000.

These wheels will last longer than the tires, which is good. Bugatti says those only need to be replaced every two tire changes. Still, yikes. The eBay listing claims Bugatti charges $150,000 for a full wheel and tire replacement set. We can't confirm that, but older information places tires at $40,000-$50,000 for a set and the Italian OZ wheels at about $50,000. Perhaps prices have increased in recent years? Bugatti owners, feel free to chime in down in the comments section on that one. Regardless, some haggling could be necessary — these are used after all, so a discount should be forthcoming for the frugal Veyron owner.

Veyron wheel and tire

For those who'd like a quick refresher on Veyron tires, they're some of the most specific tires ever built for a car. The Michelin Pilot Sport 2s were uniquely designed to allow safe travel at the car's ludicrously high top speed. Even then, Bugatti says they're only good for 15 minutes while traveling at top speed. Bugatti says even unused, the tires must be replaced after five years.

This seller is even kind enough to throw in free shipping on this set — what a deal. Check out the eBay post here for a laugh, or a close look if it's that time of year for new rubber and wheels on the 'ole Veyron.

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