Ford Bronco and Baby Bronco won't be heading to right-hand-drive markets

The Ranger is reportedly good enough for some countries

The new Ford Bronco and Baby Bronco will not get right-hand-drive variants for the global market, according to a report from Australian site CarSales. Of course, this news probably won't trouble many of us stateside, but it's bad news for those in markets like Australia and the U.K.

Here's what Ford's Australia boss, Kay Hart, had to say: "There's nothing to announce. There are currently no plans in place for right-hand drive Bronco." Hart continued, "Clearly it's going to be a great vehicle, but we are extremely happy with the performance of Ranger here."

So there's your explanation, folks. The Ford Ranger is good enough that it isn't worth Ford's time and money to make the Bronco compliant with some markets. Places like Australia get the best Ranger of them all with the Raptor we just tested in the land down under. For now, there's no word on whether the Bronco will even leave North America, let alone travel to foreign markets across the globe. In 2017, Ford stated that the new Bronco was going to be a global vehicle. It doesn't look like that's the case anymore.

Ford skipping some international markets with the Bronco makes sense in countries where off-roading might not be as prevalent. However, Australia literally defines outdoorsy and adventure culture. We could totally picture ourselves cruising the Australian Outback in a new Ford Bronco. That being said, the Ford lineup in Australia is going to continue to include cars for the foreseeable future. Maybe there just isn't room for one more SUV in the sea of vehicles that will continue to be sold in Australia. Regardless, the only main downside for Americans is the inability to rent a Bronco while vacationing in Australia. Maybe we'll just find another Ranger Raptor instead ...

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