Hyundai officially names 3-row SUV the Palisade, to be revealed at LA Auto Show

It will seat up to eight passengers

The reports we've been hearing about Hyundai's new three-row SUV are right, it's going to be called the Palisade and be revealed at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. Coming for model year 2020, it'll be Hyundai's new flagship SUV with eight-passenger capability. For those counting, that's one more than the Santa Fe XL it will be replacing.

Hyundai released one teaser image for us to check out, but it doesn't tell us much of anything about the big SUV. We've been seeing plenty of spy shots of the truck over the past few months that do give us an idea of what to expect, though. Based on the Grandmaster Concept, the three-row SUV looks like it has a luxurious interior. Spy shots show split headlight modules and a large, cascading grille too. It's going to be big.

Hyundai tends to name its vehicles after exotic locations, and this one is no different. Palisade refers to the Pacific Palisades, an affluent neighborhood on the coast of Southern California. You might be more likely to see Bentleys and Range Rovers roaming the streets in this area, but Hyundai is adopting it nonetheless. We'll be able to say more come LA Auto Show time, but for now, Hyundai says the Palisade will be available in the summer of 2019 for the U.S. market.

When the Palisade does arrive, it will be facing a crowded market of others all elbowing for the same piece of pie. Coming out with a large SUV never seems like a bad idea these days with how the market always receives them, but we'll see how well Hyundai can teach everybody to look for the Palisade nameplate instead of the Santa Fe XL now.

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