The speed boat that transforms into a submarine

This Hyper-Sub will make you feel like a super villain

Transcript: Need a spy boat? Hyper-Sub by HSP Technologies is a long range speed boat that transforms into a submarine. Designed for tourism, military, security, scientific research, and much more. It's 45 feet long and 16 feet wide. Hyper-Sub has a max surface speed of 35 mph and it can do 6 mph as a submarine. On the surface it's powered by two 480 hp Yanmar diesel engines. Underwater it uses two 60 hp 12-inch innerspace thrusters. It has a fuel capacity of 525 gallons and consumes 34 gallons of fuel an hour. Hyper-Sub has a max diving depth of 1,200 feet. It's made out of two main components the sea frame and the cabin. The sea frame holds the ballasts, motor, batteries, and drive chamber. The modular design allows the cabin to be customized to fit a buyer's needs.

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