GAC Motor to debut all-new GS5 compact crossover in Paris

Will it come to the U.S.?

GAC Motor out of China has its sights set upon the U.S. market, among others. It's been showing off models at auto shows, including its GS8 SUV, GM8 minivan, GA8 sedan and the odd Enverge EV concept. Now, the company will debut an all-new version of is GS5 compact crossover at its first appearance at the Paris Motor Show.

GAC, which will be the sole Chinese representative at the Paris show, will unveil the new GS5 at a press conference on October 2. The design sketches don't reveal much, but it looks to have a big set of wheels, much-needed new front fascia, a sporty roofline tapering to a rear spoiler, and rear lighting that stretches across the vehicle's liftgate.

gac motor gs5 crossover design sketch

We've noted before that the larger GS8 SUV will likely be GAC's first foray into the U.S. market, but we won't be surprised if the GS5 follows soon after — though the U.S.-China trade war and negotiations are a complicating factor. The compact crossover market is taking off here, and a fresh offering could be just the thing to get people to take notice of the Chinese brand. GAC has said before that it intends to begin selling here by the end of 2019, with sales likely beginning in the Northeast. While GAC sells vehicles in China under the "Trumpchi" name, don't expect the cars to be branded as such here in the U.S.

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