Pristine 1977 Honda Civic CVCC up for auction with only 19,950 miles

It's expected to fetch between $20,000 and $30,000

  • Image Credit: Mecum Auctions
Among all the shiniest, priciest, fanciest and rarest of cars being auctioned this weekend in Monterey, this is the one that most caught my attention. A 1977 Honda Civic CVCC with only 19,950 original miles being auctioned by Mecum. It's had only one owner and even wears its original California "blue plate." Just look at it, it's absolutely perfect, as if it efficiently traveled through time. And as always, no catalytic converter needed.

I really hope someone eventually tells this car's story, and specifically how it ended up so meticulous and with so few miles after all these years. I'm guessing an old lady was involved, as is usually the case, but who knows.

The Civic CVCC is about as historic as a Honda could possibly get as it arguably launched the brand into the American mainstream. During the 1970's, its estimated 40 mpg was a mind-boggling figure in an era of vast V8-powered land yachts that would be lucky to achieve an mpg figure in the teens. Plus, its CVCC system, or Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion, allowed it to meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements without a catalytic converter. It was like VW's Clean Diesel technology of its time, except actually a real thing.

The Civic CVCC was produced from 1972 to 1979 with about 936,000 units sold. There obviously aren't many left, and of those that remain, we're guessing the only ones that are in better condition than this beauty are in museums.

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