Tesla is well known for putting "Easter Eggs" in its infotainment systems. Things like the Mario Kart Rainbow Road and "Santa Mode" are there for a bit of a visual treat. Other features, like the upcoming "party and camper mode" actually provide a bit of function, keeping select features powered for up to 48 hours while parked. Today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk one of the coolest things yet: update 9.0 will have a few fully-functioning classic Atari games included.
While the exact list of games is unclear, according to Musk's tweets, Pole Position, Missile Command and Tempest are all on the table. In fact, it sounds like Pole Position might be playable using the steering wheel (obviously while the car is parked). We're hoping Ms. Pac-Man might make an appearance, too.

The tweets said Tesla V9.0 is coming in about four weeks, so expect to hear and see more early in September. Other features that were named in the same twitter thread include improved Autopilot and a dash cam.

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