Tesla cheat code unlocks Mario Kart Rainbow Road Easter egg

Don't need a D-pad, just a quick hand on the autopilot controls.

Mario Kart's Rainbow Road stage sucks. With each version of the road, it's like Nintendo's developers went out of their way to make a level that would drive gamers mad, and then each successive Rainbow Road has been an attempt to outdo the last version. I still have nightmares about the MarioKart 64 version. So what sort of sadist would actually want to be reminded of that monster of a circuit while driving in the real world? Elon Musk, apparently.

The Tesla founder unveiled yet another geeky Easter egg in the Model S' software that calls out Mario Kart's most iconic race track. According to Musk, drivers can access the feature by engaging the car's autopilot system four times "in quick succession." Do it properly and the Model S' autopilot display will get a psychedelic makeover.

You can check out what that looks like in the short video above.

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