All-new 1968 Yenko Chevy Camaros to go on sale to celebrate 50 years

These Yenko Camaros are officially-licensed classics

A couple weeks back, we found out that Oklahoma-based Classic Recreations was planning to offer new and updated versions of the 1969-70 Ford Mustang Boss 302, 1969-70 Mustang Boss 429 and 1969-70 Mustang Mach 1. It's great news for those who want to drive a classic without risking a true collector. According to GM Authority, new versions of the 1968 Yenko Camaro will soon go on sale thanks to the Brand New Muscle Car company.

Like the Mustangs, these Chevy Camaros are officially licensed and are meant to celebrate the car's 50th anniversary. Because they are official, they will be added to the Official Yenko Worldwide Registry. Originally, just 64 1968 Yenko Camaros were ever built. Details remain scarce on the new car, but expect a 427 cubic-inch big block to reside under the hood.

As a bit of a refresher, Yenko Chevrolet was a Pennsylvania car dealer that operated from 1949 until 1982. Starting in 1966, Yenko began selling modified versions of factory Chevrolets. The cars offered performance and options that were unavailable straight from GM. Aside from the Camaro, modified cars included the Chevy Corvair, Chevelle and Nova.

Despite going under, the Yenko name has soldiered on over the years. Different shops have licensed the name for various cars. You can even buy a new 800-horsepower Chevy Silverado. The truck might be quicker, but it isn't half as cool as the Camaro. Still, it doesn't come cheap. These new '68s start at $149,995.

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