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BMW 8 Series interior and production bodywork spied on public roads

We have images of both the coupe and convertible

  • Image Credit: CarPix
The team in Munich has been teasing the new BMW 8 Series for a while now. We've seen images, videos and full concepts of the BMW 6 Series successor. While official pictures are always welcome, spy shots tend to capture a little more. This new batch of both the 8 Series coupe and convertible shows production-spec bodywork as well as a very, very brief glimpse of the car's interior.

The biggest reveal here are finished front and rear bumpers. Until now, the car has still been heavily camouflaged both front and rear. The front bumper has some aggressive intakes and a rather large sensor in the center for all the active safety technology. It's not the sleekest integration we've ever seen, but it's not like BMW is the only offender. The rear bumper, too, has a number of outlets. Unfortunately, most of them look fake. We'll have to wait for the production version to know for sure.

The other big item here is the car's interior. Until now, we haven't had a chance to look inside. It's a slight departure from BMW's current design. Sure, it still has a digital instrument cluster, but the round dials have been replaced with a design that mirrors the shape of the buttons on the steering wheel. The shifter, too, looks like a new design. Stay tuned for more news this fall.

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