Honda Civic Type R not enough for you? Hondata's Type R tune is here

Stunning horsepower and torque totals for a mere $695

  • Image Credit: Honda
From time to time, we tell you about the latest tuning package from the folks at Hondata, such as the one that makes your turbo Civic more powerful than a Civic Si, or the one that shuts up critics who say the Si isn't powerful enough, or the one that winds up your 2018 Accord with more torque than a Type R. We've told you what it's like to drive these tunes. And all of that has been building up to this: Hondata on Thursday released its tune of the Honda Civic Type R itself.

For starters, a reminder that a stock Type R is specified as making 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

Hondata's FlashPro kit costs $695, and for that sum you get the following gains:
  • With 91 octane gasoline: 33 hp, 39 lb-ft.
  • With 93 octane: 47 hp, 72 lb-ft.
  • With E25 (25 percent ethanol): 58 hp, 78 lb-ft.
Here's a dynamometer graph showing a stock Type R vs. a car programmed with the 93-octane tune. Note that the stock Type R's output was better than advertised. So that puts total output of the Hondata-flashed car at 364 horsepower and 404 pound-feet.

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