GMC recognizes how many of its SUVs are customized immediately after purchase. It's not uncommon for a big SUV to be ordered in black, and then to receive a murdered-out look on top of that: black wheels, black tint, black trim. According to GMC, roughly 1 in 5 new SUV buyers gets their new vehicle customized, and to better serve those customers, GMC is now saving them the trouble of doing it aftermarket. As per GMC's statement: "Black Editions answer the specific desire for a blacked-out effect and come direct from the factory ingrained with distinct personality."

Both the 2019 GMC Terrain and Acadia will be available in the special "Black Edition" from this summer on. They both feature blacked-out grilles, roof rails, mirror caps and trim. The Terrain's Black Edition, available on SLE and SLT spec, gets 19-inch gloss black aluminum wheels, and the SLT-only Acadia Black Edition gets 20-inch machined aluminum wheels with black accents. Despite the name, the Black Editions are both available in four colors other than just black — even if those are mainly shades of grey with an option for white as well.

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