In late November, we wrote about the introduction of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus's new entry-level SCG 004S supercar. It takes a few notes from the McLaren F1 playbook, as the driver seat is central and a passenger seat is placed on both sides.

Our initial info said the car would have a 5.0-liter twin turbo V8 mounted amidships, but that has now changed: SCG will instead equip the 004S with a tuned Nissan GT-R VR38DETT V6. This means a bump in power, from the 650-horsepower estimate for the V8 up to 690 hp from the Nissan V6. And that's just for the cheapest version; pay more, and more power will be given. The standard gearbox will be a six-speed manual, with a paddle-shift 'box available. From 2020 on, the plan is to make 250 examples of the 004S per year.

Speaking with Autocar, Jim Glickenhaus said the choice had been made in favor of the Nissan unit as it's deemed "practically bulletproof" as well as being lighter. This will result in the 004S weighing just under 2,600 pounds. A drivable prototype should be ready in summer 2018, and a year later a racing version is to take part in the 2019 Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race. Glickenhaus also says a road-legal but race-ready car will also compete at the Green Hell, saying, "I will drive the car to the track and we will stick a race engine in it."

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