2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata finally has a great pair of seats

Praise be to Recaro, bringer of bolsters and thigh support

We all know the 2018 Mazda MX-5 Miata is a truly wonderful car. It takes everything delightful about cars and driving and distills it into a compact and lightweight package. It's a car anyone can enjoy. My wife, who until recently has shown no real interest in sports cars beyond their design, wants one. I want one, too, but I couldn't get past the Miata's terrible seats. For 2018, there's finally an alternative.

The 2018 Miata got a number of minor updates. Most people I know were fawning over the new cherry-red top, but I was far more interested in the leather-wrapped Recaro seats. These are now included in the $3,770 Brembo/BBS package. Previously, that package just added a set of two-piston Brembo front brakes and black BBS wheels. Having put thousands and thousands of miles on various NDs, I didn't think it was really a worthwhile option unless you were planning to track the car regularly. These seats have changed my tune.

The standard seats in the Miata are bad when new and get progressively worse as they break in. I'm a big guy (6-feet tall and about 220 lbs.), but I know I'm not alone in the assessment. They're thin, unsupportive and wrapped in some cheap fabric. Just look at this photo from our old long-termer. The seats kill any real desire to own one.

These Recaros are different. Yes they're still thin, but they have bolstering and padding in all the right places. I no longer feel like I'm riding along on a cheap, worn-out couch. Plus, they're heated (though you can now get heated cloth seats), making the brisk Michigan-morning commute far more comfortable. Now all the Miata needs is a slight bump in power.

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