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Fox Body Mustangs are finally getting their due

The Gen 7 Stampede underscores the 1980s pony car’s place in history.

Amazon moves to take down seatbelt alarm blockers [UPDATE]

Discontinues them in India, calling them 'unsafe,' but they had remained for sale here

What the Dodge Daytona SRT concept could mean for the Charger and Challenger

The Dodge muscle car concept calms EV fears for the Mopar base, but what's next?

Glass roofs are actually bad

A bad, bad fad — I'd much rather have a moonroof

Will the 2023 Toyota Crown be the ICE 'lift-up sedan' that succeeds?

The gap between sedans and CUVs has been were vehicles go to die

Motorcycles should be allowed to split lanes | Opinion

I don’t want a pickle; I just want safe, efficient travel for all

Polestar 1 Postscript: Next stop, Pebble Beach

Reflecting on the short-lived, limited-run luxury coupe on its way to the collector market

How this humble silver 2022 VW Jetta S (with a manual!) took me back in time

The Jetta's changed A LOT in 20 years, but there's plenty familiar for this one-time owner

Solterra and Forester Wilderness rekindled my love for Subaru | Opinion

They're different than my old WRX, but I still felt an inkling of what I’d felt before

Full-size trucks are the best and worst vehicles in America

Every vehicle is a tool, and every tool has a purpose

The Hemi deserves to die | Opinion

It's an overweight marketing exercise that happened to be 'good enough'

Is Formula 1 finally gaining traction in the U.S.?

A look at ESPN, Netflix and F1’s ‘Drive to Survive’ with Americans

Sunroofs are good

It's been a long winter — let the sunshine in!

EV frunks are overrated

That volume can be put to better use elsewhere

You're not racing, so stop driving like there's a trophy at your destination

There's a proper place and time to pretend you're a professional racing driver

Revisiting American Motors headquarters before it joins AMC in oblivion

Plus: Buick Electra comeback, your car is dirtier than a toilet, Tesla Cybertruck

Will you still be reading car reviews in 10 years?

Even if the cars still interest you, will anyone still be reviewing them?

Let's do away with leather for good

Eco- and animal-friendly alternatives exist, and they're constantly improving

Just stop it with the piano black plastic car interior trim

The same goes for carbon fiber interior trim

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