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Hyundai i30 N getting 'fastback' variant

It's a bit more subtle than the normal hatchback

  • Image Credit: CarPix
Overseas, the Hyundai i30, known as the Elantra GT here in America, has three total bodystyles. The first of course is the hatchback that we have here, and the other two include a wagon and a "fastback." The latter is basically a sedan with a liftback. It's also apparently the next Hyundai to get the N treatment based on these spy photos.

There's no question this i30 fastback is an N. It has huge wheels and bright red brake calipers. The side skirts and rear bumper are more aggressive. And, like the normal hatchback and the Veloster N, it has a triangular rear light. But, unlike those two cars, this triangular light appears to be a rear fog light instead of a center high-mount brake light. This i30 N fastback also has the wide-set dual exhaust outlets of existing Hyundai N models.

One major deviation we see on this fastback is the lack of a large rear wing. Both the i30 N hatchback and the Veloster N have large wings at the trailing edge of their respective roofs that just barely walk the line between classy and garish. The fastback seems to lack any wing at all, opting instead for just the little lip of the trunk lid found on the standard fastback. It could be that there's a bigger lip spoiler hidden under this prototype's wrappings, but that's still not a wing.

Whenever the fastback does arrive, perhaps within a year, it will likely have the same two engine options available on the i30 N hatchback: a base version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making 247 horsepower and a hotter iteration making 271 horsepower. The latter of these is the only available engine in the American Veloster N. And it's safe to say we won't be seeing the i30 N fastback in America. Hyundai has already made it clear that the i30 N hatch isn't coming to the U.S., despite the fact we get the normal i30 hatch. Since there's no Americanized i30 fastback, there's effectively no chance Hyundai would try to certify the body style solely for a niche model like the N.

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