Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 configurator is now live

Prepare to waste some time building the ZR1 of your dreams

We hope you've got some time to waste today, because the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 configurator needs your attention. Seven pages of fiddling and tweaking can get you out the door in the low-ish six figures with a great gentleman's GT, or you can give that left mouse button a workout and spend a Camaro on options. Either way, you'll drive off the virtual lot with 755 horsepower and 715 pound-feet of torque, so there's no way to lose.

Two trims present the first fork in the road. The no-cost 1ZR is "for Corvette purists who want the lightest car available," comes with a nine-speaker Bose system and one seat color — Jet Black with Perforated Mulan leather. The 3ZR runs $10,000 and "provides the ultimate sport experience," or rather, the ultimate luxury experience with your sport. That throws in upgrades like Napa leather and color-keyed interior, more adjustable seats, 10-speaker Bose audio, navigation, front curb cameras, and the Performance Data Recorder.

The $2,995 ZTK Track Performance Package slaps that high carbon wing on, different shocks and springs for the performance suspension, and a set of removable carbon fiber end caps for the front splitter. This package is available on both the coupe and the convertible. The $6,995 Sebring Orange Design Package turns your car into the launch model, with orange and carbon everywhere.

Of the 10 exterior hues, only three are cost options at $995. The four wheel choices are all the same design in four finishes, from the standard nickel-plated aluminum to chrome-plated rims that demand a steep $1,995. The cabin offers 11 interior trims, but five are duplicate colors with different seating materials, and you can't get the Jet Black with Orange Stitching without ordering the Sebring Package.

We configured a GT model made for regular weekend trips to the country house that happens to be near a public track. That meant a 1ZR Coupe in Blade Silver Metallic, Satin graphite wheels, and yellow brake calipers. Inside, Competition Buckets wrapped in Jet Black Napa leather with microfiber inserts, the Performance Data Recorder that adds navigation to the infotainment system, red seat belts, and the entire five-piece Corvette luggage set. Out the digital door for $126,985, with a very real smile.

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