Life hacks are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, most of the tricks found across the web aren't actually very helpful. That's why on our "Car Hacks" video series we test every automotive life hack we can find and let you know if it's a stud or a dud. Hopefully we'll be able to give you some useful advice, or at the very least save you some wasted time.

On this episode of "Car Hacks," Amr tries using a vacuum and a sock to remove a pile of change from his center console. Could this hack be a better alternative than using your fingers? Watch the video above to find out. And be sure to check out the rest of our "Car Hacks"!

Keep in mind, these hacks aren't intended to be a replacement for industry best practices or professional maintenance techniques. If you're eager to learn some great auto detailing tips, check out our "Autoblog Details" series.


Hey Autobloggers! Welcome to another episode of "Car Hacks." If you're like the many millions of drivers out there who take their change and dump it into their center console or cup holder, then you know how annoying it is to scrape and pick to get a single coin out. So, today we found a hack that claims to get every single penny just by using a sock and a vacuum. Let's try it out.

For this hack you'll need a vacuum and a sock. The idea is that the powerful suction of the vacuum and the filter like structure of the sock will help grab items that are hard to reach or pick up. Place the sock over the vacuum's opening and press down to create a catcher area.

Now let's dump a bunch of change and test it out. To get the coins, turn off the vac and give the hose a little shake. Now let's finish the job.

The hack worked! I guess it doesn't just suck.

Hacks are fun to try but for tips on how to professionally care for your vehicle check out "Autoblog Details" featuring Larry Kosilla. For more "Car Hacks," be sure to subscribe, and don't forget to like and share this video. I'm Amr, safe travels.

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