Now that Elon Musk's own cherry red Tesla Roadster Mk1 is certifiably older than yesterday's news and sent far away from our blogosphere, it's time to bring the Mk2 back into the limelight. Before the recently posted launch videos, it had been a while since we heard anything about the new generation electric car, which was presented at the same time as the Tesla semi truck. Then, just yesterday, we got to see the new car launch.

And now, the red car is on display at Tesla's headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. The 122 photos embedded above were posted on Imgur by a Tesla employee, and they offer a good look inside the car. There's not much more inside than a Knight Rider KITT style steering wheel and a tall infotainment display splitting the dashboard in two; outside, the car lacks rear-view mirrors, which are probably replaced by cameras. InsideEVs also reported having seen the car on the road earlier this year, so despite the concept-like interior it appears to be useable even beyond launching it hard from standstill. Where did we see that before?

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