Honda turns a Civic Type R windshield into a video game

And it's not Minecraft

Honda released a video showcasing the head-to-head race between pro gamer Peter "the SLAPtrain" Jeakins and IndyCar driver Graham Rahal. Both racers used a 2018 Honda Civic Type R, but one car was real while the other existed only in the digital reality of Forza 7. The real Type R was equipped with a "mixed-reality" windshield that projected the "ghost" of the virtual Type R driven by The SLAP Train. For more coverage head over to

Transcript: Pro gamer vs pro racer. Pro gamer Peter "the SLAPtrain" Jeakins goes head to head with pro IndyCar driver Graham Rahal. The 2018 Type R races a virtual Type R from Forza Motorsport 7. The real Type R is equipped with a "mixed-reality" windshield that projects the "ghost" of the virtual reality vehicle similar to a time trial race within Forza 7. Both vehicles raced on the 2.54 mile long Road Atlanta Raceway. The short race stayed neck-and-neck as both vehicles reach the finish line. See who won at Honda's YouTube page.

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