6 safety feature to consider before buying your next car

If you're in the market for a new car, you've probably been exposed to a wealth of new high-tech safety features that probably aren't on your current car. Virtually every automaker offers at least some of them, and a few even include them as standard equipment. Heres 6 safety features to consider before buying your next car. Transcript: 6 safety features to consider Before buying your next car 1. Automatic high beams Car senses when it’s dark enough and Automatically makes the brightest view forward. When a car is detected ahead, the car Automatically switches the high beams off. 2. Lane keep assist Takes lane-departure warning to the next level. It will subtly steer you back into the middle Of the lane, sometimes these systems Use subtle braking. Performance and quality depends On the car company. 3. Blind-spot warning Monitors your blind spots and alerts you To the presence of other cars. Should you try to make a lane change Lights will flash or the car will provide An audible warning. A helpful system but properly set mirrors Often render them a bit redundant. 4. Brake assist Detects when a driver has initiated a panic stop And provides full anti-lock brake stopping power. brake assist is often standard. 5. Forward collision warning This system scans the road ahead. For stopped vehicles and alerts the driver Using warning lights and noises. More advanced systems can detect Pedestrians, cyclists, or animals. 6. Automatic emergency braking Should the driver not heed the audio and visual Forward collision warnings, the car can Apply the brakes automatically. Speeds at which the system operates depend on The car or version of the system. These have been proven to prevent or lessen The severity of crashes. Learn more at autoblog.com

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