Toyota Avalon gets sequential taillights, with a twist

They're quite unlike anyone else's.

Apparently we're about to live in a world where the Ford Mustang, Audi A4, and Toyota Avalon share more in common than the fact that they're all cars with engines, doors and tires. You see, Toyota just teased the taillights of the 2019 Avalon, and the video reveals it has sequential turn signals, just like those other aforementioned cars. One of the interesting aspects of these signals though is that the lights don't illuminate from the center toward the outside. Instead, they shut off from the center toward the outside.

Not much else was revealed about the large sedan, though. A previous teaser that showed some of the front fascia revealed the Avalon should have fairly aggressive looking headlights and a large, menacing grille like that of the Camry SE or XSE. We'll see the rest of the car and get more details when it makes its debut at this year's Detroit Auto Show.

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