Tesla periodically rolls out over-the-air updates for its vehicles. The latest update, 2017.44, apparently comes with an interesting new feature: Chill mode. Based on the description in the release notes posted on both Electrek and Reddit, the new feature seems to be the exact opposite of Ludicrous mode, softening the throttle response for smoother, calmer acceleration. While we love the instant torque and sometimes absurd off-the-line acceleration of EVs, not everyone seems to be in our camp.

2017.44 Megathread from teslamotors

The release notes suggest drivers can choose between two acceleration options, Chill and Standard. The former "makes acceleration more gradual" for a smoother, gentler rider for passengers. It's unclear how much this affects acceleration, but some users on Reddit say the change swings too far in the other direction. Still, it's a nice option for those that don't care for sub three-second 0-60 runs.

The other big update for 2017.44 is an exit mode, a feature available on a lot of other luxury vehicles. When set, the steering wheel and seat both adjust for easier ingress/egress. Once driver is situated, the wheel and seat move back to a preset position.

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