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2019 Chevy Silverado looks slim and clean beneath the camo

No more square wheel wells.

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Prototypes of the new Chevy Silverado have been slinking around on public streets for a while, with each new batch of spy shots revealing more and more of GM's bread and butter. There's no official word on when we'll see the new truck, but with a recent refresh of the Ford F-150 and a new Ram 1500 looming on the horizon, expect to see something soon.

Like the last batch of photos, these give us a pretty decent look at the Silverado's new face, LED lighting and all. There's a sort of Z-shaped element in the headlights, just at the ends of the bar in the grille. The main headlights are thin, angled LEDs and appear similar to the lighting in some Honda cars. The foglights have moved to the center of the bumper, just below the corners of the grill. The shape of the hood now mimics that of the smaller Colorado, dropping the heavily angled back-swept bars.

The profile reveals a few changes from the current model. The wheel wells are now round (hooray), dropping the squared off look that the Silverado has had for years. It looks much cleaner and better-fitting than the current truck. The mirrors are now mounted lower on the doors rather than the front of the window, providing a bit more glass. Overall, the bodywork appears to be an evolution rather than an all-new design.

Changes to the rear are more difficult to discern. The lights are still heavily camouflaged, with only the smallest hint of red peeking through. It does look like some models will get rear-facing exhaust pipes, similar to some Ram 1500s. The bumper step is just visible through the camouflage. Look for more news and official photos sometime in the next few months.

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