Gran Turismo Sport features advice from Lewis Hamilton to make you faster

This is who you turn to when you keep losing

It's one of the most frustrating things in any racing video game. That point where you've become stuck on one particular race, time trial or event. You've tried everything; different racing lines, suspension settings, cars, performance upgrades. And yet, you still can't figure out how to shave off that extra second or make that final pass. Well, Gran Turismo Sport will offer a potential solution in the form of three-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital announced that Hamilton will lend his driving expertise to players to help them drive better. They will be able to access recorded info from him about driving techniques and theories on everything from car control to corner entry. It appears that players will also be able to see demonstration laps driven by him for additional assistance on tricky courses.

Players will get to pick up driving tips from the F1 ace when the full Gran Turismo Sport game launches on October 17. With any luck, the advice may help free virtual racers to advance further, and maybe save a few controllers from being broken by frustrated players.

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