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VW gives the I.D. Crozz concept a once-over for Frankfurt show

Front and rear have been updated, as is the interior

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A few days ago, Volkswagen hinted that a more polished, more production-ready version of the electric I.D. Crozz concept would be shown at Frankfurt, and indeed it has. The front and rear of the crossover (crozzover?) have been brought closer to how they will look in the production car, says VW, and the rest of the vehicle — which is now Hibiscus Red — looks fairly complete as well, including the interior.

There will be no B-pillars, meaning the access to the "Open Space" interior as VW calls it will be through a wide, bicycle-accommodating aperture, with the doors opened and closed by voice control. The front doors will open conventionally and the rear doors will slide. The vehicle will also have a system that monitors air quality inside the cabin.

The full electric driveline is as displayed in April at the Shanghai show, with an electric motor in both ends of the vehicle and the 83kWh lithium-ion battery sandwiched inside the floor, between the axles. In its press release, the manufacturer says the setup will give the fastback crossover handling characteristics comparable to a Golf GTI.

The power bias is towards the rear, as the front motor produces 101 horsepower and the rear motor double that, for a combination of 302hp/225kW. Torque figures are mentioned to be 332 pound feet; the NEDC range is envisioned to be 500 kilometers, or 310 miles, on a single charge. VW mentions a fast-charging system that can juice the Crozz up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Top speed will be set at 112 mph.

Sources have said the I.D. Crozz would be the first of the new full-electric VW I.D. models to become available in the U.S.

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