Magnus Walker films "Porsche Rendezvous" in Paris | AutoblogVR

Zip through the streets of Paris in 360°

If you love cars, you've probably heard of the legendary short film "Rendezvous." In the film, the driver of a Mercedes 450 SEL takes to the streets of Paris, driving recklessly and quickly through the city to meet a woman at the top of a hill, precisely at sunrise. It's a beautiful, thrilling adventure and here at Autoblog, we wanted to pay homage to the classic.

Luckily, Porsche enthusiast Magnus Walker, the Urban Outlaw, felt the same way and agreed to film this awesome VR piece with us. In the video, Magnus drives a '73 Porsche 911 Carrera RS along the streets of Paris, retracing the route from the original film. Hit play to experience the 360° view of the city from your desktop or VR headset. If you're looking for a more traditional video experience, be sure to check out our recent episode of The List in which our hosts Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre make multiple runs of the route and even discuss some of the movie magic that went into making the original.

Each month, new episodes will launch on the AutoblogVR App. We'll be posting them here on Autoblog, but for the best experience, head over to the app, which you can download for free from the App store and Google Play. Be sure to try it with a cardboard viewer, too!

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