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Latest mid-engine Chevy Corvette spy shots show more than ever

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Chevrolet is working on a mid-engine Corvette, which is something we've known for a long, long while now. Each set of spy photos reveals more and more, peeling back the layers of camouflage wrap like the layers of an onion. This latest batch gives us our best view yet, showing a car that's deep in development and sporting what appears to be some production-spec bodywork.

Even with the new, mid-engined proportions, the car still resembles a typical Corvette, with a low, pointed nose familiar windshield. Some things have changed from previous models. The mirrors appear to be attached to the A-pillar, not the top of the doors. The wheels are a different design that other mid-engined prototypes. The rear bumper and exhaust pipes have been refined and look nearly finished.

There's still no official word that this car exists, so all we can do is write these reports, post more photos, and report on the trickle of info emerging slowly from GM. Nothing will be officially released until we see a full reveal at some future auto show. Until then, stay tuned for more rampant rumors and speculation.

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