Star Wars Landspeeder from Radio Flyer is the best EV for kids

... if their parents are total nerds.

If you never had a Power Wheels Jeep (Barbie livery or otherwise) as a kid, you were probably jealous of the kids who did. You may have also vowed that you'd make sure your own kid will get to experience the thrill of driving a tiny electric car, even if it means you slash your own entertainment budget to zero. Anyway, what's more entertaining than watching your own child vroom around in a tiny EV? Answer: watching your kid pilot Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder from Star Wars.

If you haven't already spent your $500 on the tiny Tesla Model S, you can get this kid-sized X-34 Landspeeder replica from Radio Flyer for the same cost. It packs in a lot of nostalgia for that price, too. In addition to recreating the sand-weathered look of the speeder in Star Wars: A New Hope, this has an interactive dashboard with a number of sound effects from the movie. As for performance, it'll whisk little Luke and Obi-Wan (you named your kids that too?) to Mos Eisley at a top speed of five miles per hour. A lower gear locks it into two mph forward or reverse.

Sure, $500 seems like a lot, but you'll make it up in candy when your child totally wins at Halloween. How impressed would you be to see a kid (or two!) in a Jedi costume rolling up to your door in this bad boy? Bonus points if the parents are dressed as Owen and Beru and smell like smoke are carrying a pitcher of blue milk.

Just don't expect Radio Flyer's X-34 Landspeeder to hold its resale value when you ultimately need to sell it to smuggle yourself off the planet. As soon as the XP-38 comes out, they just won't be in demand. In the meantime, you'll enjoy watching your kids learn to love Star Wars (and driving) as much as you do.

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