Driving a Ford Ranger through New Zealand was simply breathtaking

There was a good reason we flew halfway around the world to New Zealand: The Ford Ranger, due to hit the American market in 2019, is currently the best-selling vehicle there, and we were too impatient to wait for it.

But I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't a part of me (most of me) that wanted to drive the Ford Ranger in New Zealand because of the country's incredible beauty. I had come to New Zealand with the thoughts of the land of Tolkien, filled with winding rivers and vast mountain ranges. I was worried that I had built it up a bit too much in my mind. But as we descended below the clouds covering the city of Queenstown on the South Island, we were met with some of the most incredible panoramic views I've ever seen.

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By the end of our four day trip we had scaled mountains, driven along the cliffs of the coast, through canyons and rain forests. It was the perfect place to test the Ranger. Check out the video above to see why.

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