Audi's A8 strip-tease continues its glacial pace with the appearance of a camouflaged example at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere in Hollywood, ahead of the car's official debut on July 11. For those of you wondering what Audi has to do with anything Spider-Man, it's because Audi has significant product placement in the film, and the A8 has a cameo role. And if you were wondering why Audi is putting all of this effort into getting its cars in the film, just check out box-office numbers for almost any movie from Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. You would be crazy if you didn't want your cars to be seen by that many eyeballs.

New Audi A8 at the Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere

Anyway, back to the car at hand. Since the car won't officially, completely be revealed for another couple of weeks, it is still disguised, this time with some custom camouflage. Rather than thick covers and typical swirly vinyl, this car has a wrap that looks like a bunch of spider webs. There are some Spider-Man logos scattered about, too, along with a big black spider on the hood. Still, we get a pretty good look at the car ahead of time. It has a nose that is clearly based on Audi's Prologue and Prologue Avant concepts. However, the A8's fenders are much less muscular and pumped up. The lower grille is also quite restrained.

According to Audi, there will be a couple of moments in which you'll be able to spot an undisguised A8 in Spider-Man: Homecoming. You'll, of course, also see a mix of other Audi products. The full reveal of the flagship sedan happens in Spain on July 11, and we expect to get full details on its specifications. We may also learn about some additional fancy technology beyond the already announced high-tech start and stop system and active suspension.

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