Here's how paving crew solved the problem of a parked car

So, for the car's owner this probably beats getting towed, but St. Louis taxpayers are marveling over a road crew's hasty solution in which they painted a car into a corner - using asphalt.

The crew was racing to complete its work in time for the weekend opening of the Kingshighway bridge, a span that had been closed for 22 months. They were still applying asphalt on Shaw Avenue near the north end of the bridge on Saturday morning, reports the Riverfront Times, but were in such a hurry they apparently neglected to post "no parking" signs. And there, parked legally but inconveniently, sat a blue Kia.

Their solution has been lighting up the St. Louis subreddit ever since Pulitzer-winning St. Louis Post-Dispatch photog Robert Cohen spotted the workaround and tweeted about it.

So far, the RFT says, the pavers have not circled back to fix the spot they missed.
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