Buy my Vitara, special-effects pro says in greatest commercial Suzuki never made

A month ago, Eugene Romanovsky posted an advertisement to sell "my best friend," his 1996 Suzuki Vitara, also known as the Sidekick in the United States, on YouTube. The 2.1 million people who have viewed the commercial so far may not have actually considered taking the car off his hands, but every one of them has had a good laugh.

The production values of the video far surpass the production values that went into the making of the car itself. Romanovsky is a special-effects artist at the creative group Gravity in Tel Aviv.

For the remaining few million of you who have not yet seen the #BuyMyViara video, it would be a disservice to tell reveal what's in it. Let's just say there's not much that isn't in it. The car's book value of a couple-grand belies the fact that it is truly the most amazing vehicle ever built. It does, after all, boast 96 horsepower and a manual transmission featuring a low gear.

Trust us, just watch the video.

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