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Here's our first look at the front-wheel drive BMW 1-Series hot hatch

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We have our first spy shots of the upcoming BMW 1-Series, a car that's sure to shore up controversy among enthusiasts. The last 1-Series in the US was a small, relatively lightweight coupe that was marketed as the spiritual successor to cars like the BMW 2002 and E30 3-Series. Currently, the BMW 2-Series fits that bill. This new car is more of a hot hatch that - and here's the kicker - is based on a front-wheel drive platform shared with the X1 and a number of Minis.

The car in these photos is covered in the nearly ubiquitous detail-hiding wrap. Still, we can make out a few details, including the distinct BMW grille. The car looks to be around the size of a Audi A3, likely its biggest competition worldwide. We don't get the A3 hatch here in the US, except as a plug-in hybrid. The profile looks fine but generic, with no real distinguishing features that we can see. The same goes for the rear, where the only notable feature are the big dual-exhaust tips.

This particular car looks like it's packing some sort of M-Sport package. The aggressive front spoiler and side skirts look similar to other BMWs. The car's biggest tell is the blue brake calipers.

For the US, expect most cars to feature BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system. Power should come from a variety of turbocharged four-cylinder engines, though don't rule out an economical three-cylinder swiped from a Mini Cooper. Given that it's based on the new Mini Countryman, a plug-in hybrid is almost a given. Look for more news and a possible reveal sometime this fall.

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