Help us find this long-lost 1977 Star Wars Toyota Celica GT

This is your yearly reminder.

Two things near and dear to my heart are classic Japanese sports cars and Star Wars. A few years ago I learned of this unicorn, this wonderfully weird amalgamation between two things that you would think would best be left separate. Unfortunately, this Star Wars-branded 1977 Toyota Celica GT's current whereabouts are completely unknown. We wrote a post on it nearly six years ago. Toyota itself put out a plea for help just before the release of Episode VII about 18 months ago. Star Wars Day is upon us, so please, if you have any information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Take a good look at the photos, lest you think this is some simple trim package meant to cash in on a shared name like the Nissan Rogue Star Wars Edition. No, this was a lone Toyota dealership in Southern California working directly with 20th Century Fox around the release of A New Hope in 1977 for what I believe is one of the greatest pieces of movie memorabilia ever created. The car was supposedly given away in a contest, but the original records have long been lost.

A 1977 Toyota Celica GT Liftback Pace Car provided the base, widebody fenders and all. Delphi Auto Design in Costa Mesa California finished the work. First, airbrush a copy of Tom Jung's original movie poster straight onto the hood. Adorn the fenders and doors with scenes of X-Wings battling Tie Fighters (I think it was a missed opportunity to replicate Luke targeting the Death Star's core/fuel filler door) and paint the rocker panels with "Star Wars Celica" in the appropriate font.

Being a Celica GT, the car came with MacPherson front suspension, disc brakes, an AM-FM stereo radio, as well as an optional moonroof, special upholstery, and custom wheels. While the body kit may not be for all, the overall car is very handsome, like a ¾-size Ford Mustang fastback.

Help us, please. You're our only hope.

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