Things can get pretty crazy on the internet, and even the smallest thing can catch people's attention and blow up in an instant. A lot of it is totally bogus or blatant attention seeking, but that's what makes the internet great. Well, that and cat videos. Recently, a story popped up on the internet that is both cool and real. It's the story of a mysterious iPhone, some pro-tier internet detective-ing, and the Takata airbag recall.

The story started innocently enough. A guy named Alex Tom took his trusty '09 Subaru Forester into the shop to replace a faulty passenger side airbag under the Takata recall. When he picked the car up, there was a white iPhone 4s sitting on his dashboard. Thing is, the phone wasn't his. The phone was stone dead, but took a charge and booted right up. To complicate matters, it was locked and stuck in airplane mode. When he asked the shop about it, they said they found it behind the dash under the airbag. So now he had a mysterious phone that he couldn't get into to identify. So, like any modern tech-savvy individual, he turned to the internet for help.

He posted a picture of the phone on Facebook along with a message asking for help tracking down its owner. What followed was a long, rambling, often hilarious collection of facetious advice, earnest help, photoshops, dumb memes, weird off-topic screeds, and everything else you might expect in a comments thread. Eventually, after getting a name from the phone and enlisting the help of an online dating site, the owner was found and the mystery solved!

I'm not going to spoil the ending for you here, because you really need to read the whole saga for yourself. Lets just say that our man Alex had the answer with him all along, and the real treasure was the friends they made along the way.

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