Infiniti teases the next generation QX80 SUV

Our latest teaser ahead of the New York Auto Show comes to us from Infiniti. The company didn't reveal anything more than a name, the QX80 Monograph, and the single picture seen above. However, we can determine a few things from this tidbit of information.

First, Infiniti is teasing a vehicle that will represent the upcoming successor to the current QX80 SUV, albeit in concept form. Second, the SUV is going to see a fairly significant redesign. The headlights are now lined up with the top half of the grille rather than the bottom, and the tops of the fenders are higher. This provides a more aggressive, square-shouldered appearance. The lower vents and front spoiler look more aggressive, too.

The SUV will be fully revealed on April 11 in time for the New York Auto Show, as will more details about the vehicle. At that point we should know if this is a completely new vehicle, or a substantial refresh of the current Nissan Patrol-based SUV.

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