Dodge Challenger SRT Demon TransBrake eliminates the need for brake torquing

Performing the perfect launch is key to drag racing. In order to get consistent starts, the engineers behind the Dodge Demon developed TransBrake, a system that holds the output shaft of the automatic transmission to keep the vehicle stationary until launch. Rather than the traditional method of two-foot brake torquing, the system is triggered by pulling the shift paddle for quick and consistent launches.

According to Dodge, the main benefit of TransBrake versus a two-foot setup is a quicker power delivery and higher engine launch torque potential. The system gives brake-free launches up to 2,350 RPM, a 105-percent increase in launch boost pressures, and a 120-percent increase in engine launch torque. Dodge also claims that using the paddle provides a 30-percent better reaction when compared to using your feet.

In addition to shifting duties from your feet to your hands, the Demon's TransBrake will preload the driveline. Torque is loaded at the wheels, not the transmission. That means full torque delivery 150 milliseconds after the shift paddle is released. It should also help reduce the driveline shock that occurs when those 315 section rear tires get near-instant grip.

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