In Miami's Porsche tower, your car rides an elevator to the sky

A $32 million penthouse has room for 11 cars.

If you're a Miami mega-millionaire, you can't be expected to wait for a valet - or, horrors, park your own car - then get out and use your own feet to take an elevator to your gorgeous oceanfront condo. That simply will not do.

Well, problem solved. The 60-story Porsche Design Tower is now open for business at Miami's Sunny Isles Beach. Yes, while Porsche was busy building cars and making a lot of money at it, the company also has been making a foray into architecture. The project was headed up by Miami developer Gil Dezer, the exterior of the black cylindrical tower was designed by Sieger Suarez Architects, and Porsche Design did the interiors.

The centerpiece is the cluster of three car elevators, dubbed "Dezervators" after the developer, which whisk cars into the sky and deposit them into their owner's apartments.

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The lifts feature a million-dollar dolly that snatches the car and are fully automated, so residents can order their car delivered to the garage at a set time, they can lift 8,000 pounds, and they zoom upward at 800 feet per minute while a turntable spins the car around for delivery at the condo. Check out the video.

The cheapest of the tower's 132 condos is offered at $5 million. A bit too modest, you say? A four-bedroom penthouse is still available for $32 million. It can accommodate 11 cars, seven of them in a museum-like gallery.

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