Scarlett Johansson will ride a futuristic motorcycle in 'Ghost in the Shell'

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Honda will put Scarlett Johansson's character, The Major, on a futuristic version of the company's NM4 Vultus concept from 2014 in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie. That motorcycle went into production, without the Vultus name, as a sort of scooter-motorcycle hybrid thing.

A feet-forward, scooter-motorcycle thing in a futuristic sci-fi movie? You probably can't help but think of Shotaro Kaneda's iconic (and technically, recumbent) red motorcycle in Akira – and perhaps about the live action Akira remake rumors that have been swirling for ages. ScarJo's bike isn't nearly as intense, and it likely won't become the sort of anime keystone that Kaneda's bike is, but you can go buy a NM4.

As cool as the NM4 Vultus is – the sketch above shows a healthy amount of carbon fiber, illuminated elements, and graphics that'll look great on screen – the star of the film will be Ms. Johansson. And to that point, the biggest talking point so far has been The Major's ethnicity. In the original Japanese versions of the franchise, both manga and film, the protagonist is Major Motoko Kusanagi. With Johansson's casting, that name has been pared back to simply, "The Major". Whatever her name or background, The Major kicks some serious ass in the trailer below. Give it a watch:

The bike will be revealed tomorrow at the Osaka Motorcycle Show in Japan.

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