Watch Hyundai's rorty i30 N blast snow around

With less than a year to go before Hyundai reveals its first N-branded car, the company has released a new video giving us a peek at the car's snowy drifting chops. Despite the fact that this i30 N is clearly front-wheel drive (with a limited-slip differential, the company says), we're sure it was easier to slide the hot Hyundai around thanks to the inclusion of a traditional, manual handbrake.

The video also shows that the i30 N will be offered with a true manual transmission, and it will have quite a raucous exhaust. It's a note that a number of editors here find rather unpleasant, but the office isn't in consensus on the topic. The body looks like it may be a bit restrained, since there aren't any large wings or splitters, but there could be a very aggressive-looking grille lurking beneath the camo.

Hyundai also narrowed down the release window to the second half of this year. It seems the launch will start in Europe, but we expect the car will come here early next year as well, especially considering the availability of the standard i30 here as the Elantra GT.

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