You guys know the Farm Truck, right? The clapped out Chevy C10 drag monster out of Oklahoma that is the sleepiest sleeper that ever tore up a drag strip? Well, a pack of high school kids and their shop teacher recently unveiled their loving homage to the venerable old Farm Truck, and it's an absolute beast.

There's precious little hard information out there on the truck's build, but going from this video it seems pretty solid. Using a first generation Chevy S-10 as their starting point, the shop kids dropped in an LS with factory EFI and an MSD ignition system. To add some extra punch they plumbed the LS for nitrous and dialed it all the way up to a 400-shot. The truck is tubbed and sports some really nice wheels and extremely meaty slicks to get all that power down to the ground. To finish it all off, they sprayed it with a nice looking two-tone orange and cream paint job and slapped a shorty cap on the bed in a final nod to their inspiration.

The kids took the Farm Mod, yet another nod to Farm Truck, out for a day of racing recently and it definitely made an impression. Sadly, much like the lack of build info, we don't have anything on what kind of times the truck was running that day. What we do know is that it sounded great, looked relatively quick, and pulled the front end off the ground at launch, which is more than I can say for any vehicle I currently own.

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