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High school kids build killer S-10 drag truck in shop class

This is why schools should still offer shop class.

Mustang GT bursts into flames at Texas drag strip

A Mustang GT burned to the ground during pre-stage at a Houston area drag strip when a small underhood fire broke out and quickly blazed out of control.

UK street racers boosting nitrous canisters from ambulance stations?

Nitrous oxide - the preferred go-fast gas of many speed freaks - delivers its substantial power boost by cooling the surrounding air, which in turn becomes denser. The denser air's higher oxygen volume feeds the hungry engine, which can now produce more power. Nitrous oxide is also widely used in the healthcare industry as an anesthetic and analgesic, so you'll find nitrous canisters in hospitals, dentists' offi

VIDEO: Garage 419 pits GT-R against rented Hertz Corvette... with nitrous

Click the image above to view the gassed 'Vette take on the Nissan GT-R after the jump

Exceedingly Adequate: 1040-hp Hemi-powered Rolls-Royce

Remember back in the day when the engine output on a Rolls-Royce was listed as "adequate" or "more than adequate"? We don't know what the old guard would make of this, but adequate doesn't even come close.