A new Hyundai Accent arrives next week with baby Elantra styling

The teaser video above doesn't leave much to the imagination, giving us a very good look at the shape and some details of the 2018 Hyundai Accent sedan. But this is all we get until the car is fully revealed at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto on Thursday, February 16.

From the flashes of light and silhouettes, it's apparent the new subcompact Accent sedan will take pretty much all of its cues from the compact Elantra, which itself was updated for 2017. The Elantra, in turn, looks like a combination of about three other cars, but it manages to blend those designs in a handsome way. Its almost fastback design, LED lighting signature, and hexagonal grille all appear to carry over to the new Accent. We expect Hyundai to continue to offer a five-door Accent hatchback in this next generation as well.

As for the interior, we expect a similar complement of new features, like infotainment with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality and some new safety systems. Mechanicals are likely to be very similar to what's available on the Accent today, which means a relatively efficient four-cylinder, probably again displacing 1.6 liters and making about 140 horsepower. We'll of course bring you all the details once the car is revealed next week.

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