Trucker tangles with tornado on Texas throughway

A trucker driving through Central Texas experienced some of that weather this week when he came upon a full-on tornado tearing along the highway in front of him.

KHOU posted a video to its Facebook page Monday that was sent in by a trucker named Austin Sheppard. Sheppard was cruising along I-45 in his tractor-trailer somewhere in central Texas when he spotted what he first thought was a small funnel cloud jump over the rail of an overpass and enter the highway.

"As we were coming up over the overpass, we noticed from the south side of the overpass that there was a funnel there," he told KHOU. "It actually came up over the overpass and we realized it was a full blown tornado."

With his dashcam rolling, Sheppard approached the tornado as it danced around in the lanes before him. To his shock, a car punched through the storm coming the opposite direction like it was nothing. The tornado moved along the highway for a while, pulling up signs and kicking up a bunch of dust and debris, until, according to Sheppard, it finally left the road and entered a stand of trees. Sheppard said that, although the tornado failed to actually lift his truck off the ground, it shook it pretty well before it passed.

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